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Hurricane Sandy Storm Recovery Update

posted Nov 3, 2012, 2:27 PM by Saltaire Volunteer Fire Company
We have all been impacted by Hurricane Sandy including the Fire Company. In the wake of the Hurricane, the Fire Company is returning our trucks to Saltaire and our members are working to restore the fire house to operational status so that we may respond to emergencies and has established a number of priorities.

The two main objectives are to ensure the Fire Company is able and ready to respond and assist the Village administration in its efforts to return Satlaire to a safe environment. Our second objective is to prepare the Village for the eventual restoration of electrical service to homes.

The Volunteers of the Fire Company have been going door to door throughout the Village, assessing hazards, namely: 1) that the LIPA electrical service connection to the house is intact. 2) That the Main Breaker within homes are off. 3) Ensuring that propane tanks are secured, are turned off and not compromised.

As you have heard from the Village Administrator and the Mayor, Saltaire and Fire Island are truly not safe at this time. The number of trees down and the damage to walks and other Village infrastructure make it very challenging if not impossible for us to respond to emergencies presently.

The Fire Company is very thankful and greatly appreciates the efforts of all the agencies, the Village Maintenance Department and all the Fire Departments that are involved for their hard work and effort in restoration.

We also want to thank the Volunteers of the Fire Company for their work to date and thank you our residents for your patience while we continue to make the Village safe again.

A tremendous amount of work has been done; regrettably there is more work to do.

Chief JR Rieger